It’s fine we have all been there.

The law of attraction is one of the most fundamental laws of the universe. In simple terms, it states that like attracts like. It means that you attract into your life what you think about the most and how you feel the most. So, whatever you manifest in your life is all the result of your inherent thoughts and emotions. What’s interesting is that this law is constantly going on in the background without you even realizing it (like gravity).

By understanding how this law works, people from all around the globe have figured out ways to manifest their dreams and desires. They have put in the time to change the way they think and feel, and have also incorporated several spiritual practices to supercharge their manifestation process. But, there are millions more who seem to struggle with the LoA. It’s not because there is any fault with this law, but because people make a lot of mistakes while doing their manifestation work. Below, we take a look at some of these mistakes and what you can do about them.

1. Relying Too Much On Thoughts

When people first come to know about the law of attraction, they tend to focus too much on the thoughts part of it. They hear sentences like, “Thoughts become things,” and they think that that’s enough to manifest what they want. As they eventually realize though, that’s not the case. Your thoughts are only one aspect of your manifestation process. You can say that it’s the outer membrane of a bubble that you exude outwards.

The real meat of the matter is your emotion. Your emotions are the air inside the bubble that makes the magic happen. They energize your thoughts such that they vibrate at a much higher frequency. This higher vibrational state is what makes the manifestation process happen faster. So, the next time you are asking something of the universe, make sure you use the power of both your thoughts and emotions.

2. You Don’t Have Clarity On Your Dreams

Imagine this. You are at a restaurant and you want something to eat. But you are not sure what. Then, the waiter comes to take your order. But since you don’t know what you want, the waiter can’t even begin to write down your order, let alone bring it to you. The same happens with a lot of people. They have no clarity on what they want in life.

This sends confusing signals to the universe, and it has no option but to wait for you to gain clarity. I understand that we humans, by nature, tend to ping pong from one desire to the next. We want it all and we want it right now. But that’s not an effective way to manifest things (at least in the beginning). What you need to do instead, is choose one of your many dreams, and go full-hearted after it. Concretize it in your mind and let the universe know that you are ready to order!

3. You Want Something Too Big Too Soon

This is an extremely common mistake that most beginners are guilty of committing. When they hear about the law of attraction, they feel like they have the key to the universe, and they can use it to manifest their biggest dream instantly. While this is not exactly wrong, there is one huge piece missing. It’s that, merely asking for a dream or a desire doesn’t work. You have to put real and intense energy behind it.

So, when you ask something huge (like $1 million), it might not manifest at all. Not because the law of attraction doesn’t work, but because there is no power of belief behind it. Even though you are making that wish, you don’t actually believe in your heart that it’s going to happen. Since you have never seen that kind of money, it is hard to even imagine what that looks like! Naturally, your wish becomes hollow, devoid of any power of belief and so, it doesn’t get manifested. In this case, what you can do is, start small. Ask for things that you can believe can happen for you. Then go from there.

4. You Don’t Take Action

Again, merely asking the universe for something is not enough. This is one rule that everybody needs to understand. Many people think that just by sitting and imagining things, they can get the universe to give them what they want. I am sorry to say but that is just wishful thinking. You have to take action and put in the effort for the manifestation to happen.

Now, you might ask why you should even use the LoA if you need to take action anyway. Well, let me just say that walking on a smooth road is much easier than walking on a rough one. By using the LoA, all you are doing is making the road smoother. But you still have to walk on it to get to where you want to go!

5. You Fear Change

In general, one of humanity’s biggest flaws is that we fear change. Due to our evolutionary process, we seek familiarity and comfort. While that can have its own advantages, it can serve as a roadblock to your manifestation process. You see, in order to fulfill your wishes, the universe has to make some changes in your life. Without these changes, your wish wouldn’t come true.

So, if you fear change, the universe won’t be able to do anything. Fear is a negative emotion and it sends conflicting signals to the universe. So, your whole manifestation process comes to a grinding halt. To combat this, you have to be open to change. Have faith that whatever the universe will do, it will be for your own benefit. Don’t be your own enemy and let the universe do its job!

Final Words

Among the above mistakes, I am most guilty of the first one — Relying Too Much On Thoughts. Thoughts are important only because they affect how we feel. But even if we focus on generating 1 million dollar in the coming month, our desire would unlikely manifest if our feeling doesn’t support the thought.

My fix of this is to listen to songs that lift my spirit, even if just for several minutes. I also like the idea of Next Believable Thought suggested by Natalie Bacon. After all, the key here is that you can only manifest when your frequency aligns with your dreams and goals.