In case you don’t know, you have all the wisdom you need.

Life can get pretty confusing at times. You might find yourself at a crossroads, and the future might be hazy at best. During such periods, it is only normal for you to be scrambling for answers. After all, we all share a dislike for uncertainties, and we all need to know our next few steps. Fortunately, there is someone who has just the right advice you need in order to handle such situations. I am sure you have already guessed who that is from the title of this article — your higher self.

If you didn’t already know, your higher self is the real you. It is typically referred to as the soul in religion. You might be aware of the concept that your body is merely the vessel that this higher self occupies. Therefore, it is this self that is the real you; not your physical body or mind. However, due to the presence of the mind, and the strong connection of our bodies with the Earth and the overall physical reality, it becomes very difficult to make that distinction.

This higher self of yours is eternal and is part of the universal consciousness (also called divine energy, god, divine force, etc.) Since it has access to infinite intelligence, it is best suited to help you during challenging times. However, in order to receive this help, you need to connect with your higher self on a spiritual level. And you can do so in the following ways:

1. Practice Meditation

Meditation is one of the most powerful spiritual practices in the world. Since ancient times, people have used this practice to not only connect to their higher selves but to the universal consciousness as well. What meditation does is that it clears your mind and the energy channels in your body. This allows you to experience oneness with your higher self. In this state of oneness, you can then ask anything you want of it.

Practising meditation doesn’t require much preparation and you can do it whenever you like. However, most people prefer to do it during the morning or at night. While meditating, make sure that you are not disturbed, there is a free flow of air, you are comfortably seated, and your electronic devices are kept away. Then, you can start focusing on your breath and slowly fall into the arms of peace and relaxation. When you feel utterly calm and still, go ahead and ask for advice. You might get an answer immediately or during future meditation sessions.

2. Use Your Dreams

Mostly, we tend to dismiss our dreams as inconsequential. But if you pay close attention, your dreams can give you important messages and guidance. Your guardian angels are already doing this regularly (especially when you need help). The problem is that we tend to forget our dreams as soon as we wake up. Fret not though, as there is a time tested method to record your dreams, make sense of them, and derive divine guidance from them.

Before going to sleep each night, place a journal and a pen next to your pillow. Then, close your eyes and ask for divine guidance with all your heart. Set your intentions clearly and then drift off to sleep. At night, if you happen to wake up immediately after seeing a dream, write as many details of it as possible in your journal. If you sleep through the night, then do so as soon as you wake up in the morning. You might find the answers you were looking for within your notes.

3. Practice Solitude

In our busy modern-day lives, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find time for our own selves. Even sitting quietly for some time doing absolutely nothing has become a luxury. However, if you truly seek advice from your higher self, you need to make sure you include some solitude in your calendar. All it takes is 15–20 minutes of alone time to figure out even the most complex of situations and challenges.

When you practice solitude, you can exist in the present moment. As such, the troubles of the future or the past get erased and you can divert your consciousness to wherever you want to. This allows uninterrupted communication between your physical mind and your higher self. You never know what stroke of brilliance may suddenly show itself during such times of solitude.

4. Practice Yoga

Even though people of today view yoga as a form of exercise, it is much more than that. Since ancient times, spiritual gurus, sages, and monks have said that yoga means union. It is the coming together of your higher self and the divine energy. In doing so, your physical mind experiences infinite bliss and gains access to the infinite intelligence of the universal consciousness. So, it only makes sense to include some yoga into your daily routine.

The best time to practice yoga is in the morning. That’s when you are most active and energetic. While doing your practice, make sure you remain as calm as possible. Pay all your attention to the various postures and asanas that you do at the moment. If you do it correctly, it will aid in an unobstructed flow of spiritual energy in your body. This will make you highly perceptive of any guidance that your higher self has for you.


It is quite normal to want effective advice from time to time. Life, after all, is filled with challenges, and you need to keep making decisions. Since a misstep can lead to adverse results down the line, you obviously want to make sure you make as many right decisions as possible. This is where your higher self comes in.

Since it is a part of the divine energy and exists as a subtle layer of energy inside you, it can definitely provide you with the answers you seek. However, you need to prepare your mind, body, and energies before you can receive its guidance. There are many practices and ways like meditation, yoga, journaling and practising solitude, that can help you with what you seek. Make these a part of your daily life, and getting guidance will be as natural as breathing!