Let's Build, Launch and Grow your Badass Business.


The Golden Creatrix Club is a monthly membership that helps female professionals and executives start a side business in 30 days and scale it in the months ahead, so that they can create success on their terms, with no more B.S. or drama. 



Let's Build, Launch and Grow your Badass Business.

The Golden Creatrix Club is a monthly membership that helps female professionals and executives start a side business in 30 days and scale it in the months ahead, so that they can create success on their terms, with no more B.S. or drama. 

“Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you?”
– Rumi


I am a senior corporate finance advisor in Hong Kong’s capital market. I am also a certified coach and, above all, a serial entrepreneur that has started, failed and sold several businesses.

I know how challenging it is to simultaneously start and run a business while juggling your day job and other responsibilities, and how easy it is to get overwhelmed by all the things you “need” to do and then get paralyzed and eventually not take action.

Because I have been there.

I remember times I couldn’t even summon the courage to open my email inbox because I was already so overwhelmed.

I didn’t know back then that my fear of failure (and success), and lack of a strategy, were the primary reasons for my poor business decisions and therefore, failures.

It was only when I realised that a successful business and life depend on managing one’s mind and making decisions ahead of time, I was able to turn my business (and career too!) around for the better.

And you don’t have to experience the same frustration and stress as I did.

Because with the right strategies, accountability, and determination, your dream business is easily within reach.

I firmly believe that female entrepreneurs are here to revolutionise our world for the better, and I’m committed to playing a part in your success.

Girl, so what are you waiting for?

Your future self is waiting for you.

Mandy Cheung is a senior corporate finance adviser in Hong Kong’s capital market. She has advised 100+ HKEx-listed companies on their transactions (M&A, fundraising, etc.) and helped them create value (i.e., profits) for their shareholders. 

She is also an advocate for women’s empowerment and, unsurprisingly, talks about it often on her YouTube channel.

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Stop Chasing, Start Attracting.

About THIS Program

Who It Is For?

Who It Is For?

If you are a high-achieving woman feeling:

  • Mad at yourself because you know you are brilliant and amazing (and you are) but have yet to arrive where you want to be
  • Feel like you have to work harder, longer, in order to achieve success when you are already exhausted
  • Stuck and cannot break free from your circumstance to explore other opportunities
  • Torn between wanting to enjoy life and the fear that you may not meet your  obligations, let alone achieve your goals
  • Anxious about where your lack of clarity and focus will take you

Then yes, this program is created for you.

By working together with me, we will:

  • Develop a stronger-than-ever sense of self-love and self-belief so that you will finally show up for yourself 

  • Identify and elevate your beliefs about yourself and the world and release your mental BS

  • Be supported by me and the Universe (with zero shaming) and never feel alone again in this journey

  • Assess where you stand currently and create goals which speak to your heart but are also realistic and FUN to follow

  • Reinvent yourself and life with strategies and massive actions and turn that into a way of living (I actually mean winning)

Who It Is Not For

Who It Is Not For

Someone who:

  • Thinks they are victims of their circumstances 
  • Thinks they know it better
  • Is unwilling to own their sh*t and get a reality check
  • Is not ready to commit 200% to their success
  • Is not coachable and open to feedback
  • Is looking for a quick fix to their problems or a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Doesn’t believe that they can ever be successful
  • Sees this program as an “expense”
  • Is looking for someone to do the work for them, rather than *with* them
Module one


What is it about

What is your dream life, exactly?

In this module, we will identify what truly matters to you so that you can create a clear vision for your future. We will also set powerful intentions and ask the Universe for help.

Wondering if you and your business idea can make it and living the “land of maybe”
Feeling overwhelmed by the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone
Stagnating in your current life and not evolving as a person


Reclaim confidence over your situations and feel energized about taking actions

Elevate your energy so that you attract the right people and opportunities

Gain clarity about your values and WHY and create a life in alignment with them

Set powerful intentions to the Universe so it knows how to support you

Elevate your self-belief so that you finally say YES to yourself

Start living your dream life now without compromising stability

Module two


What is it about

Awareness is the first step to any positive change. Learn where your money story comes from and how it has held you back from attracting and accumulating more wealth into your life.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you think you “need” to do and getting into analysis paralysis and inaction
Fear that you will start something which you don’t finish and end up feeling nothing guilt about yourself


Identity your money story and money blocks

Get into your subconscious mind

Understand the spiritual reasons for your money problems

Module three



Now you know what has been holding you back from the life you deserve, it’s time to release those BS once and for all and transform your scarcity mindset to an abundance one, so that you can finally open yourself to receiving all the good things in life.

Getting lost in all mind drama about the validity of your business
Not sure what should be your next step and end up in inaction
Worried that you are investing in another “one-size-fit-all” program which won’t work for you


Release your money traumas once and for all

Rebuild your relationship with money

Move from scarcity to an abundance mindset

Attract money and abundance at the speed of light

Open yourself to receiving support from the Universe

Module four



Personal finance doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need the right mindset and tools. (Actually, a finance professional too.)

In this module, I will be going over the basics of personal finance and touch on topics that are imperative for your financial success. You will also get a blueprint for financial success so that you will be fully prepared to defeat any potential financial challenges!

Feeling fearful of the financial potential or reality of your business


Break down the nitty-gritty of personal finance and use that knowledge to get what you want finally

Gain clarity on what you need to focus on to close the gap

Have a simple blueprint to follow so you won’t feel overwhelmed again

Make effective financial decisions that support your goals

Module five



You are already one foot out of your financial mess simply because you are here. (Woohoo!)

It’s time to build your new financial future by understanding where you currently stand and saying goodbyes to those habits that no longer serve you.

So, let’s do a judgment-free review and start holding yourself accountable for your financial future!
✅ Feeling fearful that you may not be able to fund your business


Know your net worth and how your decisions got you here

Identify your top 3 (or specific) obstacles and get a fresh picture of your financial landscape

Set goals for the coming year that stretch you to achieve financial greatness

Move from anxiety to optimism about your future

Develop new money philosophy which you take pride in

Module six



How do you turn your dream life into a reality?

Well, we will set new exciting financial goals that speak to your heart and connect you to your dream life. We will then break them down into actionable steps that help you build momentum and move quickly forward.

Sounds great? Let’s get started.
✅ Feeling you have hit a ceiling and what has brought you here, is not taking you further


Develop a financial plan which aligns with your dream life

Gain clarity on what you should focus on in the coming months and years to slay those goals

Create sustainable momentum for financial success

Gain awareness around where your money is going

Take control over your budget and financial life

Set achievable goals to build that emergency fund

Strengthen your delayed gratification muscle (which will certainly help you succeed in other avenues in life)

Develop your own financial plan with feedback from a professional

Module seven



Learn to invest with logic but not emotions, and not only that, invest with a strategy.

Together, we will develop a wealth creation engine that helps you earn that money while allowing you to live in alignment with your truth.
Feeling frustrated, because you have only time to put off the fire instead of creating a long-term plan for your business


Invest with knowledge, confidence, and discipline

Get your risk tolerance analysed by a professional

Get advice on investment vehicles suitable for your needs

Create an automated wealth creation engine

Create a routine that will hold yourself accountable for sustainable long-term success

Create a system for your financial information so that managing your finances will become a piece of cake that you savour

Bonus Module One

You are Enough


Tired of faking your good life? Let me tell you the truth, you are enough with or without it. And not only that, I am here to help you embody this truth.
✅ Feeling alone because you lack a supportive community that understands the difficulties of being a female entrepreneur


Know that you are worthy the way you are and there is no need for external validation

Love yourself radically

Feel abundant without the materials

Bonus Module Two

okr goal setting


Amazing opportunities present themselves everywhere, every day, but they can do you more harm than good if you allow them to distract you from your goals.

If you are to achieve any “impossible” goals, you need to be highly motivated and set goals effectively. OKR can help with just that. In this module, we’ll cover how to identify and measure what’s truly important so you can be more intentional with your time and energy and accomplish your goals with accountability and at a much faster pace.


Learn the practical tips that help you implement your OKR system quickly and easily

Reinvent yourself in 3-month with new habits and achievement goals

A tracking system that makes sure you will be held accountable

Embody past confidence in your reinvention

Bonus Module Three

Business Strategies


We will set business goals that align with your personal financial goals and establish key measurements to track your progress. You will get a clear picture on your bare minimum business overhead at different phases of your growth and success, and be held accountable in making the revenue to close the gap.


Create a practical system to get all your receipts, files and finances organized

Develop your own business “Success Tracking” tool

Gain clarity on your bare minimum business overhead at different phases of your growth and success

Be held accountable for creating the revenue to close the gap, or meeting the next business milestone

Let’s Watch Some Cool Stuff.

It’s Time to Tap Into That Inner Power of Yours.