Use them to manifest all the good things in your life.

Since I am providing subliminals on my YouTube channel, I want to provide you with all information about them, including what they are, how they can support your spiritual growth, and help you with the manifestation of all the good things in your life.

More importantly, I will talk about how to listen to subliminals correctly so that you can manifest your desired outcome instantly and powerfully.

What Is a Subliminal?

Simply put, subliminals are messages that reprogram your subconscious mind.

There are 7 categories of subliminal messages — touch, hearing, sight, smell, taste, body awareness, and body movement.

A key aspect of subliminals is that they generally contain subtle or imperceptible cues, making them challenging to perceive on a conscious level.

Have you heard of those experiments that when people are played with music from a certain country, the food or alcohol from that country gets a significant increase in sales?

In other words, subliminals are not about being woo-woo; they are, in fact, scientifically proven.

What Subliminal Messages Are Not?

Like the music experiment I just mentioned, people still need to exercise their urge to purchase food or wine even though they are subconsciously primed.

That means subliminal messages are not your “magic pill” for making those positive changes.

You need to consciously want to change for those messages to resonate with you, raise your vibration, and manifest your energy into your experiences.

That Said, How Do Subliminal Messages Work?

They are used in businesses to increase sales and used in human interactions such as persuasion.

But given that the subliminal hypnoses I am providing will be in audio format and will be more about helping you tap into your power, we will focus on them.

Most subliminal hypnoses, including mine, contain positive affirmations as well as some music.

In case you do not know, positive affirmations are statements that aim to reprogram your subconscious mind and motivate you to take positive actions.

One example of positive affirmations — “I can achieve whatever I want if I put my heart into it.

Positive affirmations work; I don’t think I need to give you scientific proof for that.

But I notice a problem.

First of all, sometimes we can be lazy, and we don’t want to take time to think about what positive affirmations we need, let alone repeat them to ourselves often.

Second, even if we manage to practice positive affirmations often, like in my case, I repeat affirmations to myself whenever I have self-doubts, the problem is these negative thoughts always seem to be on repeat in the background, and worse, a lot of time we are not even consciously aware of them.

This is where audio subliminals are used.

Rather than relying on conscious listening to audio content, subliminals are embedded with inaudible positive affirmations using sound rates above our hearing capacities.

We can’t hear these affirmations, but our inner ear can detect them and send the messages to our subconscious mind, affecting our thoughts and actions if we consciously also want to change for the better.

Let Me Now Quickly Give You My Personal Experience with Subliminals

As someone obsessed with self-development, I was so intrigued when I learned about subliminials.

So, I looked for them on the magnificent YouTube, and I found some that were truly amazing.

But…I felt like I needed something more specific and powerful.

Also, something longer to listen to all day long and even when I sleep.

So, I decided to hire a music creator to create some subliminal hypnoses for me.

Exactly How Does It Work?

Well, I gave him a long, long list of affirmations — mostly about manifesting success and releasing any blockages — and asked him to record them and make them inaudible.

To make my hypnoses more powerful, I have also asked him to incorporate Solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats into hypnoses.

What Are They for You May Ask?

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

Solfeggio frequencies are specific sound tones that help with and enhance different aspects of your mind and body health.

These frequencies are said to date back to ancient times and are the primary sounds used in Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions.

As for binaural beats, these are simply an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with subtly different frequencies simultaneously.

Let me just tell you more about that.

Your brain will interpret the two tones as a beat of its own, and here is why. The two tones will align with your brain waves to create a whole different beat with a different frequency.

This frequency is simply the difference in hertz (Hz) between the two tones’ frequencies.

For example, if you are listening to a 440 Hz tone with your left ear and a 444 Hz tone with your right ear, you would be hearing a 4 Hz tone.

That said, here is the important thing to note here. You can use binaural beats to entrain your mind to reach a certain mental state.

Now, Exactly What Was My Personal Experience?

I have been listening to my subliminals day and night.

I found them particularly useful during the time I am working.

I am one of those people who get easily irritated and tensed at work (Ergh…), but when my subliminal is on, I feel calmed and empowered and, more importantly, kinder to myself and other people, which makes me feel more connected to my true nature.

Listening to my hypnoses every day has really had a profound effect on my frequency — you know, you can feel the difference when you’re in a high frequency.

My mental state is now also much clearer, and I’m able to easily tap into my higher self.

However, as I said earlier, subliminals are not your magic pills; you have your part to play.

Also, to make them work, make sure you are listening to them “correctly,” and by this, I mean:

1. Set a goal

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

You need to actually want to change your life and be prepared for it before using subliminals.

The objective you are working towards should be absolutely clear to you.

You need to understand what you want you to achieve or modify. And note this, it should trigger a subtle sense of fear, but not intense stress. Be sure to find the right balance here.

Do not scatter and experiment with other sessions simultaneously.

For example, if your priority goal is to lose weight, direct your energy to that and do not listen to subliminal messages on different topics.

2. Visualize your desired outcome and experience the feelings

The language in the Universe is your emotions or energies.

To manifest your desires, your emotional state should match your desired outcomes.

Suppose you want to start making $100,000 monthly.

In this case, you need to actually feel like you have already achieved that in order for the subliminals, and in fact, the Law of Attraction, to create powerful results for you.

Use subliminals to support your visualization; I have found that it is easier to visualize in my hypnoses.

Of course, you will have to check whether those underlying affirmations align with your goals.

It is a bit odd to visualize wealth in a subliminal that helps you get love. Right?

3. Listen To Subliminals While in a Relaxed, Meditative, or Sleep State

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Remember, you’re trying to reprogram your subconscious mind and not your conscious one, so you need to pick a time when your conscious self is not alert.

That way, the subconscious mind can easily absorb all the information coming in.

So, when is the best time to listen to subliminals?

Play your subliminals when meditating, going to sleep, or when you’re in a deeply relaxed state.

4. Choose Your Subliminals Carefully

Another tip to remember, especially as a beginner looking to tap into the power of subliminals, is to choose your subliminals carefully.

Do your research to make sure the affirmations underlying the subliminal are what you are looking for and resonate with you.

Check out the video’s/audio’s comments and also look up the creator (that’s me :)).

5. Trust the process

Photo by Ronda Dorsey on Unsplash

Understand that while you’ll generally feel positive after listening to a subliminal, you’re not going to rewire your subconscious in a day or two.

You’ll need to listen to subliminal messages for anywhere between 30 to 90 days.

If you get the results you desire within a month, you can tone down a bit, only listening when you feel like you need to.

However, remember that everyone is different, and you might need more than a couple of weeks to retrain your subconscious.

Eventually, however, the affirmations will stick, and your brain will build new neural networks. So, give it time, and most importantly, keep at it.

Bonus Tips on Listening to Subliminals Effectively

  • Use headphones

Noise can distract your mind and make subliminals ineffective. So, you want to use headphones to block out any noise and keep your session private.

Also, headphones are essential if you are listening to binaural beats because you need to listen to two different tones on your left and right ears simultaneously.

  • Keep listening time to 90 minutes

To get the impact you desire after the 30–90 days, make sure you listen to subliminals for about 90 minutes every day.

This way, you give your subconscious mind enough time to pick up the affirmations.

I hope you got some valuable pointers from this article. If you want to learn more about how to reclaim your emotional, spiritual and financial sovereignty, be sure to check out my pages / YouTube channel.