Let’s get yourself back on track

There is no doubt that we are actively creating our reality, whether or not we realize it. Our thoughts and emotions are constantly sending out vibrations into the universe that bring to us similar situations, things, and people. So, we can say that we are constantly manifesting something or the others in our lives. This might seem overwhelming at first, but it is this process (called the law of attraction, LoA) that you can use to achieve whatever your heart desires. To do so, however, you would have to take conscious control of the process.

Throughout the world, many people have managed to do this, and are living the life of their dreams. But as most eventually realize, sometimes, things can get a little stuck. No matter how hard you try, you can feel as though the universe just isn’t responding. Well, during times like this, it is advisable to double down on the process and supercharge your manifestation. Below, we take a look at some of the best ways you can do that.

1. Feel That You Deserve It

One of the biggest hurdles to manifestation is your subconscious belief that you don’t actually deserve what you want. You might deny that you even have this belief. And you would be both right and wrong at the same time. That’s because these types of beliefs exist deep within you and you might not even be aware that you harbor such feelings.

Therefore, it’s important to let the universe know that you are deserving of your dreams or desires. You can write this down or say it out loud as often as you can. The idea is to rewrite your conditioning that doesn’t make you feel worthy of good things in life. This will immediately make the path of manifestation much smoother than before.

2. Put The Doubts To Rest

This is another common reason why the manifestation process gets stuck or becomes excruciatingly slow. When people hear about the law of attraction, they get all excited and instantly try to use it. But when things take longer than they expected, they begin to doubt this law. Negative thoughts take over their mind and skepticism begins to grow bigger. Ultimately, they either give up midway or use the LoA half-heartedly.

If you truly understand this law, you will know that it is based on a fundamental exchange of energy between you and the universe. If you give it the energies of doubt, then the universe will give you more reasons to doubt it (i.e. longer wait times). So, if you find yourself in this situation, you need to muster up all the faith you have within you and ask for what you want with all your heart. Also, take note of the millions of people who have successfully manifested their heart’s desire using this law.

3. Keep Your Vibrations At An Energetic State

As mentioned above, we are always exuding vibrations into the universe. These vibrations depend upon the thought and emotions that you are experiencing at any given time. Negative thoughts and emotions will lead to lower vibrational frequencies while positive ones will lead to higher frequencies. You may not know this but the higher the intensity of your vibrations, the faster you manifest your desires.

Has it ever happened to you that the thing you were the most excited about came true much quicker? You were probably so enthusiastic about it that you kept thinking about it from the moment you woke up till the moment you went to sleep. And you might have even seen it in your dreams! That’s the level of intent and energy that’s required to manifest your dreams really fast.

4. Learn To Let Go

A problem that we probably all share is that we hold our dreams too tightly. We all want them to come true so much that we cling to them desperately. While enthusiasm is ok, desperation is not. If you understand the law of attraction, you will know why. You see, desperation signifies lack. And when you are sending out vibrations of lack, the universe will respond in kind. As such, your manifestation process will become extremely slow (or come to an end altogether).

What you need to do is learn to let go of your dreams. I know this is not easy, but it works really well. That’s because letting go signifies having it. It signals to the universe that you already have it. And as we know, the universe responds similarly. The end result is that it brings to you what you desire.

5. Take Inspired Action

When you use the law of attraction, you might be inclined to think that you don’t need to do anything else. You might believe that you will manifest your desire just by sitting on your hands. This is not how it works. Let’s take a simple example. If you wish to have a body like that of a bodybuilder, will it happen just by sitting? Of course not! You will have to actively work toward it. Even if you ask the universe for help, you will have to put in the effort.

Similarly, no matter your desire, you should be ready to do your part. Also, be on the lookout for signs from the universe. Sometimes, it sends signals in mysterious ways to encourage you to take specific actions. If you can decode these signals and do what the universe wants of you, your manifestation process will happen quickly and smoothly. These actions are called inspired actions. Yes, it can sometimes be tricky to understand exactly what the universe wants. In that case, you just have to develop your ability to observe and perceive. This will happen through daily meditation, yoga, mantra chanting, and other spiritual processes.