Clarity = Power

We have always heard: be mindful of your intentions, or set your intentions carefully. “Intention” is a usual word heard by ambitious people.

Now, what is an intention, a prayer, faith, or simply the belief? Simply, intentions are the thoughts directed to achieve the desired outcome. Some may make it more complex by citing it as the awareness of our consciousness.

Well, to make it simpler, the intention is to draw a roadmap to achieve your goals. There is a scientific side to setting intentions too. It is a powerful tool used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Powerful intentions create a specific state of mind that serves an essential purpose in your life. The preferences you make are like sending a message to the universe. You just need to include what you want to become, how you will contribute, and the way you will touch everyone’s lives.

Many methods are available to bring your purposes to life. But, let’s discuss the important ones that will help you set your goal right.

“What We Think We Become”- Steps to Set Your Intentions Right

1. Set Your Objectives Daily Morning Or Night Before

Morning is the time to set your daily chores you will do. Every morning you get up to brush your teeth or read the newspaper. Similarly, many of you may be writing your goals too.

A few people are in the habit of setting intentions during morning time, but a few others may set them a night before. It will ease out your daily chores, as planning a night before comes quite handy and raises your emotional energy. These intentions not only inspire you but also motivate you. If you set preferences daily, you can achieve your goals quickly. A few practitioners state to set intentions in the morning, mostly the ones that will provide you benefit on that particular day.

This life-changing practice will help to change your whole perspective towards life. It will bring you closer to your dream life too. Even you can set intentions during meditation too. The mind is at peace at this moment, and it channelizes your inner energies to make you focused. As soon as you discover how to live intentional life or figure out the purpose of your life, note them down immediately.

2. Have a Word with Yourself

Your gut instinct will never tell you a lie about your intentions. You need to ask yourself what you want, as our intentions communicate through our bodies. It’s necessary to ask questions to yourself to direct your life. It can be what kind of person I want to become and how I can attract those things into my life. Seek what’s your purpose of getting up every morning. Is it like taking challenges of daily life or recognizing your unique pattern?

Moreover, talk to your higher self for guidance about whether your actions match your purpose. You need to set your actions right in private and public both. It is necessary to shout out your goals to yourself verbally. These can be a few sentences or mantras that will set your life rolling.

3. Trust the Universal Process for Your Intentions

The intentions help you to set the reality of life. You need to trust the universal process and set the goals to pursue them. Moreover, control your objectives to divert them to realistic goals. You may find a little mess while channelizing your energy to cater to the universal process. But, in the end, the manifestation can bring you closer to your dreams.

You need to realize that when you set intentions, there will be some profound transformations. Things may shift here and there. So, controlling things will help you to give directions to your intentions. The universal process works on the Law of Attraction. What you manifest or convey to the universe makes its way to you. It is necessary to influence and create those events that you once imagined by sending positive vibes to the universe. Once you continue seeing the effects of intentions, they become more natural. You will have to send the energy to the universe, and it will start executing your goals.

4. Be Your Coach

Be your self-coach since you need to guide yourself. You only know your intentions and roadblocks in life. It is crucial to review your goals regularly and achieve your dreams. The intentions are the stepping stone towards success. They are a helpful tool for achieving your set goals or what you aspire to be.

By being a self-coach and a goal setter, you will see future possibilities and a big picture. Moreover, if you are your coach, you get time to review your long-term goals every morning or set them. The intentions will help keep the distractions at bay and help you overcome any failures in your way.

5. Get Collective Intentions

There are several themes and ideas that several people share commonly. Like, a few people may be looking forward to buying a mansion after a specific time or a new Tesla car. These are common dreams or goals. So, team up with your friend or family member having the same objectives will serve you in the long term. It can be writing the intention every morning or writing it the night before. A few people set a theme like ‘make the business profitable’ and set preferences for the same. Now, you can set the collective theme for your day, week, month, or year. Put these collective intentions into practice where people work on a set of action plans. This way, you can create balance, and you will be extra focused on your goals.

The Takeaway

Our mind is quite powerful, so never put a limit on it. Your intention is everything, and nothing happens without it. Set powerful intentions to accomplish anything in your life. You must be transparent and flexible about your objectives. It will help you to reach your goals and during your journey as well.